Your rights

Equality between people is the prerequisite and the basis for a free society. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia  everyone has the right to equal treatment and human dignity. No persons should be treated less favourably due to who they were born as, who they are, how old they are or what their views are.
No one should be discriminated against on the grounds of his/her

  • sex
  • nationality (ethnic origin)
  • race or skin colour
  • religion
  • views
  • age
  • disability or
  • sexual orientation

These are the legal acts that protect your rights:

Whom should I contact?

The Office of the Equality Commissioner can assist persons who suspect that they have been discriminated against or treated unequally. The Office of the Commissioner provides free legal advice on how to protect one’s rights. The Office can also confirm whether a person has been unequally treated as regards one of the characteristics listed above. The Commissioner also assists persons in filing complaints and claims.

You can send your question to the Commissioner by writing an email ( or filling out our application form.

The Office is open to the public on Wednesdays, 10am – 2pm, address Endla 10a (ground floor), Tallinn. Please contact the office in advance, by phone or email, and provide a brief overview of your concern.

You can also phone the office to receive free legal advice, Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm. Our phone number: 626 9059.

In equal treatment isuses, the Chancellor of Justice can also help by carrying out conciliation procedures. The Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia is also the Ombudsman for Children, who acts to protect and promote the rights of children.